For the full reading list, enter AA3053 in the dialogue box in UCLan's On-line Reading Lists.

The main book for the cosmology part of the course is:

  • Barbara Ryden, 2003,Introduction to Cosmology, Addison Wesley, ISBN 0805389121

The following books are a bit below the level of the course but are available from UCLan library as an electronic resources.

  • Liddle, A., 2003, An Introduction to Modern Cosmology, 2Rev  edition, Wiley, ISBN-13: 978-0470848357 ; ISBN-10: 0470848359, £19..99. (First edition is out of date and no longer suitable).
  • French, A. P., 1968, Special Relativity, Norton, ISBN-13: 978-0748764228 ; ISBN-10: 0748764224, £31.99.