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Alston Observatory Weekend 2012

14th March 2012

The annual Alston Observatory weekend took place on February 17-19 2012. Students enjoyed the astronomy activities, observing, talks and interaction with other students and Course Team staff.

Solar observing

A very friendly group of 25 distance learning students currently working towards their University Certificates (AA1051, AA1053 and AA1058) descended onto Alston Observatory, for the annual optional weekend.

The activities included group work on coordinates and magnitudes, analysis of spectra, and galaxy and stellar evolution. We had guest talks on 'Planets and Pulsations' and 'Dust in Galaxies'.

Thanks to the good weather we were able to do some observations in the evening, and solar observing during the day.

The feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive. Here are some quotes from comments received:

"It really was very informative and great fun. Spending a whole weekend talking about things you love with like minded people is simply wonderful. I am even more convinced now that I have to get on with the course and try to find some way to spend much more of time on Astronomy. Please pass on my gratitude to everyone."

"I think we all really appreciated the time that the participating lecturers, post docs and post grads gave up to give us a fantastic weekend. Please pass on my thanks to them all."

We look forward to the next year's weekend!!

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