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Distance learning students capture solar eclipse

6th January 2011

Two of our distance learning students, Silvia Baumann and Gordon Mackie, took wonderful images of the recent solar eclipse, attached below, from Austria and from Scotland.

Here is Silvia's report: "I took my SLR, mounted my tele lens, used the largest f-number (32) and shortest exposure (1/4000), put an ND4 filter in front of the objective that I found lying around and tried a bit. The faint clouds were a lucky coincidence, further darkening the sun. Instead of looking through the viewfinder, I used some "calibration images" to point the camera into the right direction."

This is Gordon's report: "Got a good view from the far north of Scotland. I was at Duncansby Head observing the eclipse with the local astronomy group (see here). It was stunning - I'm glad the clouds stayed away just long enough for us to enjoy the show. The attached photo was taken with a tripod mounted DSLR. No filter was used at this part of the eclipse, but they were needed once the sun got a bit higher and less eclipsed."

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