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Spring 2017 JHI Lecture - The Hidden Universe Revealed

25th April 2017

Image of the posterThe next in the Jeremiah Horrocks Institute's series of Seasonal Lectures will be by Professor Robert Kennicutt, Plumian Professor, University of Cambridge.

It will take place at 6:30pm Tuesday 25th April 2017 in the Harrington Lecture Theatre, University of Central Lancashire.

The lecture is free and tickets can be obtained from eventbrite, linked below from 'More information'.


Half of the starlight in the Universe is hidden from visible
telescopes, having been quenched by fine clouds of dust
particles in interstellar space. This missing energy
reappears in the infrared and terahertz regions of the
spectrum, and can only be studied fully from spaceborne
telescopes. Now thanks to a series of international
space observatories this hidden Universe has been fully
revealed. The observations reveal new classes of objects
and phenomena, including the discovery of the most
luminous and active star-forming galaxies in the
Universe. These objects provide glimpses into the early
histories of galaxies like our own, and new insights into
the physical processes that shaped the Hubble sequence
of galaxies.

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