Entry Point Astronomy Courses & Education

Our Entry Point Astronomy Courses assume no prior knowledge of the subject and are therefore an ideal place to begin your studies and  astronomy education.  Each is a free-standing University Certificate at HE Level 4 (Year 1 undergraduate level) allowing you to develop your fascination with your chosen subject.  The Entry Point courses are listed below. The University Certificates in Astronomy and Cosmology are available every year. The University Certificate in Astrobiology (Sep 2018, 2020, 2022) alternates with University Certificate in Sun, Earth and Climate (Sep 2019, 2021, 2023).

When returning to astronomy education, we normally advise studying only one module in the first year of your astronomy course.

We judge each application on its merits to ensure that students can benefit from our courses. You will  require GCSE Grade C in maths  and English or equivalent to study these astronomy courses. The courses take a quantitative scientifc approach and you will be using maths to solve problems from the outset.

All these courses are delivered electronically online and provide detailed course notes, self-test exercises and assessments. We provide study and tutorial support via email, telephone and a dedicated astronomy course website.

University Certificate in Astronomy Course - VSASTR501

Most students start here! The astronomy course provides an introduction to astronomy, assuming no prior knowledge of the subject. It contains some observational and practical exercises, but you do not need access to a telescope to complete your astronomy studies.

University Certificate in Cosmology Course - VSCOSM501

Gain an informed view of concepts in cosmology with this cosmology course, without recourse to complex mathematics in your study. Learn about the beginning of the Universe including the creation of extremely small elementary particles and the processes that led to the formation of the very large structures seen today.

University Certificate in Sun, Earth and Climate Course - VSASUN501

In this course you will be introduced to the Sun and the Earth as complex systems, and how they interact to produce the environment we live in. Alongside detailed course notes your studies will include a mixture of theoretical and observational approaches with data-based and observational exercises.

University Certificate in Astrobiology Course - VSABIO501

Astrobiology is one of the newest and most dynamic scientific disciplines, and this is your chance to gain an understanding of the ongoing discoveries with our Astrobiology Course as part of our established suite of undergraduate courses. With explorations ranging from molecular biology to the search for extra-solar planets all having an impact, the multi-disciplinary course takes a novel approach to the subject of Astrobiology, and the course is supplemented with online discussion of relevant breaking news to enhance your studies.