University Certificate in Astrobiology Course - VSABIO501

Astrobiology is one of the newest and most dynamic scientific disciplines, and this is your chance to gain an understanding of the ongoing discoveries with our Astrobiology Course as part of our established suite of undergraduate courses. With explorations ranging from molecular biology to the search for extra-solar planets all having an impact, the multi-disciplinary course takes a novel approach to the subject of Astrobiology, and the course is supplemented with online discussion of relevant breaking news to enhance your studies.

Modules on this Astrobiology University Course:

Introduction to Astrobiology - AA1059

This introduction to astrobiology course provides you with a basic knowledge of chemistry and astronomy appropriate for the understanding of the biochemistry underpinning life in the Universe.

You will explore the definitions of life as we currently understand them, our understanding of how life started and evolved in the Universe and the astronomical sites that could support the basic life processes.

Assessment includes experimental reports  requiring analysis of data and question sheets including a mix of problems and explanations.


Tutor: Dimitris Stamatellos

Level: 1          Credits: 20